International Collaboration Achievements of UAKP project

International Collaboration Achievements of UAKP project

The partnership has made significant progress on all activities and has produced all, and in most cases even exceeded, the planned outputs. The key achievements of this international collaborations are as follows:

  1. A research network in ICT for logistics in Vietnam, connecting the partner universities and a variety of industrial partners. Data have been collected from industrial partners and been used to produce useful results. Official MOUs are being prepared, and are expected to be signed in the future –exceeded the originally planned outputs.
  2. Four visits between the partners have been made –exceeded the original plan.
  3. Two technical reports, a simulation software and an optimisation software have been produced –exceeded the originally planned outputs.
  4. Four consortia for future funding, four proposals submitted, of which one already won grant (Newton Institutional Links) – exceeded the originally planned outputs.
  5. One accepted international conference paper, one accepted journal paper (subject to final presentation quality check) and three papers being reviewed in top journals (given the option to revise for final acceptance) –exceeded the originally planned outputs.
  6. Two workshops/seminars organised and attended –exceeded the originally planned outputs.

Results were disseminated in three official university websites, leaflets (a copy attached), social media (a Google Drive and a LinkedIn group were created), were promoted in the European Commission’ Motorways of the Sea conference (largest event of this kind, photo attached). A website is being developed (template attached) – met or exceeded the originally planned outputs.

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