Newton Institutional Links (via British Council)

Maritime logistics is an essential driver for Vietnam economic growth. Recent research, e.g.World-Bank(2014), however, indicated that this industry is lacking ICT integration/innovations. This results in a low logistics performance and hence affect economic development.
This project is the first step to alleviate the above limitation. It will be followed by larger projects with widespread applications. Within three years after this project, the results will be delivered to others industrial partners like Port of Liverpool, AIMES, ContainerPort, Tan Cang terminal, and Dinh Vu terminal in large scale.

The long term plan is to foster the development of maritime logistics clusters supported by ICT around major ports in Vietnam. These will be the mirrors of the current multi-billion-pound port-centric cluster projects happening in the UK (London Gateway, Liverpool SuperPort, Yorkshire) and will potentially significantly boost economy development and create many jobs like what is happening in the UK.